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Comprehensive Professional Training Scopes For All Subjects

  • House Wiring

    Master the art of house wiring with Dishari Engineering & Traders' comprehensive training. Learn safety protocols and industry best practices.

  • Substation Work:

    Enhance your skills in substation work through practical training with Dishari Engineering & Traders. Excel in installation and maintenance techniques.

  • Electrical Machineries:

    Unlock the world of electrical machineries with our expert-led training. Gain hands-on experience and knowledge in handling industrial equipment.

  • Generator Operation & Troubleshooting

    Equip yourself with expertise in generator operations, maintenance, and emergency drills. Our specialized training ensures seamless power supply management.

  • Basic Electrical Knowledge

    Build a solid foundation in electrical principles and applications through our industrial training. Essential for a successful career in the electrical industry.

  • PLC Automation

    Embrace the future of automation with our PLC training. Acquire hands-on experience in programming and optimizing industrial processes for efficiency.

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